Hey guys, sorry I havent been posting and writing for a long time. The truth is I have been busy settling into my new house. Anyway I have started posting things now and I will do it ofterπŸ˜ŽπŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ’›πŸ’™β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘!!!


Three times lucky- book review

Meet Mo LoBeau:natural born detective.

Mo’s summer is looking good. But that’s before the murder, the kidnapping, the car crash, and the hurricane. If ever there a time for Mo to put her detective skills to work, this is it.

Good thing Mo’s always been lucky.

By Shiela Turnage

A Newberry Honor Book.

A New York Times Bestseller

An Edgar Award Finalist.

An E. B. White Read-Aloud Honor Book.

The Best mystery book I have ever read. Ps: it might give you nightmares.πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ˜œπŸ‘


How many of you have sisters? Well i have a twin sister. She can be very annoying at times but we love each other. Here our a few books written by Jacqueline Wilson about sisters.

1. The worst thing about my sister.

2. My sister Jodie

3. The illustrated mum

4. Lily alone

5. Little darling

Well maybe you have a sister too! Please write in comments how you like your sister and like!πŸ‘



Book review-Wave Me Goodbye

It’s September 1939, and London is preparing for the Second World War. As blackout blinds are drawn and air-raid shelters hastily built, ten-year-old Shirley is woken early and told to pack her things. She doesn’t know where she is going, or what will happen to her when she gets there. All she is told is that she’s going on ‘a little holiday.’

Shirley is evacuated to a quiet village that feels worlds away from home, along with two boys from the East End: wary, troubled Kevin and confident, mischievous Archie. Their experiences living in the strange, half-empty Red House, with mysterious and reclusive Mrs Waverly, will change there lives forever.

Bestselling and beloved author Jacqueline Wilson turns to this period of history for the first time in a beautiful story of friendship, loss, and bravery.

I hope you guys read this book because I loved it and it is very inspirational. please write in the comments below if you read this book and liked it! pls like and comment!

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my favourite country/city

My favourite country is Singapore. I actually just moved to Singapore recently from India, and I like it very much. I love that it is so decipline and beautiful. There are rules for every thing and its all very good. The first place out of country was to Singapore too. I love how there is no pollution or litter in Singapore. I love India too, but it is always polluted and littered. Here are a few pictures of Singapore:

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Image result for Singapore country

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Its pretty right? I love it all too. So, in comments tell me what is your favourite country/city?

My Sister Jodie- Book Review

This thrilling but depressing story is about two sisters, Pearl and Jodie. Pearl is the good, shy, sweet and anxious girl but Jodie is the bad girl. They absolutely ADORE each other and are always there for one another. When their parents get new jobs at a posh collage called Melchester College their lives change forever…
They make friends with quite a few littlies if you know what I mean. There are quite a few surprises before the term starts so will not tell them. When the term starts, Jodie is not getting on well but Pearl is having a great start, she has made many new friends but cannot admit that to Jodie. I ought to stop here because I am not going to unveil the biggest surprise in the story and the the rest of the surprises.

One of Jacqueline Wilson’s Bestsellers. Out of 5 stars I would give it 4. Age Group: 9+

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I love blowing bubbles around myself. I feel i am protected by them. I never regret time spent blowing bubbles. Don’t let anyone burst your bubbles. Life is like a bubble. Every bubble represents the fresh new start of each day. Today i place a bubble around myself and nothing negative can get in! Bubbles are so pretty i am blinded. tell me how much you like bubbles!

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