my favourite country/city

My favourite country is Singapore. I actually just moved to Singapore recently from India, and I like it very much. I love that it is so decipline and beautiful. There are rules for every thing and its all very good. The first place out of country was to Singapore too. I love how there is no pollution or litter in Singapore. I love India too, but it is always polluted and littered. Here are a few pictures of Singapore:

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Its pretty right? I love it all too. So, in comments tell me what is your favourite country/city?


My Sister Jodie- Book Review

This thrilling but depressing story is about two sisters, Pearl and Jodie. Pearl is the good, shy, sweet and anxious girl but Jodie is the bad girl. They absolutely ADORE each other and are always there for one another. When their parents get new jobs at a posh collage called Melchester College their lives change forever…
They make friends with quite a few littlies if you know what I mean. There are quite a few surprises before the term starts so will not tell them. When the term starts, Jodie is not getting on well but Pearl is having a great start, she has made many new friends but cannot admit that to Jodie. I ought to stop here because I am not going to unveil the biggest surprise in the story and the the rest of the surprises.

One of Jacqueline Wilson’s Bestsellers. Out of 5 stars I would give it 4. Age Group: 9+

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I love blowing bubbles around myself. I feel i am protected by them. I never regret time spent blowing bubbles. Don’t let anyone burst your bubbles. Life is like a bubble. Every bubble represents the fresh new start of each day. Today i place a bubble around myself and nothing negative can get in! Bubbles are so pretty i am blinded. tell me how much you like bubbles!

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The Sound Of Music movie review

The Sound of Music is beautiful movie and is very popular. Its age group is 6+ and is a five star rated movie. I really enjoyed seeing it and hope you will see it too. Here is a movie review on it.

I love this movie because it shows inspiration. This movie takes place in Salzburg, Austria.  Its about a young girl called Maria and her life to become a governess to 7 children. Their mother died a few years back and their family has never found the love for music anymore. Maria brings music into their and their fathers life again. She is an inspiration to the 7 children who look up to her. I found this movie spectacular and magnificent. The thought of how a young girl changes a family’s heart is…………. mind blowing! I really hope you  guys watch this movie!

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I want to be J.K Rowling

I am only 11 but I have decided I want to be an author. One of my inspirations is J.K Rowling. In my opinion she is legendary. I read her bestselling Harry Potter series and I love the way she writes. When I read her books I feel like I am in another world! I am writing my own book write now which is called Alice and Marty. It is about 2 best friends. I really want to be famous and a great author like her. I Know she was rejected 12 times before her  first book was published. That only tells me to try harder and never give up. The thing that I love about J.K Rowling is that she never gave up on her dreams, and I really want to be her. I want to be J.K Rowling.

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Recipe- Oreo truffles

Hi guys! This is a recipe for Oreo truffles. I made them at home and thought why not share it with you guys? They are eggless and don’t have nuts in them.  I LOVED them and even more fun making them. I hope you like it.


  1. Crush a pack of Oreo cookies.
  2. put the powder in a big bowl
  3. add condensed milk or Milkmaid.
  4. add any kind of eccence.[I prefer vanilla]
  5. mix together well until the mixture is like dough.
  6. make small balls with the dough.
  7. put them in the fridge for an hour.
  8. meanwhile melt a bar of dark chocolate in a pan.
  9. take out the balls from the fridge.
  10. dip them in the chocolate.
  11. put sprinkles![ optional]
  12. put them back into the fridge for 30 minutes.
  13. enjoy!

My mouth is watering just writing this recipe. Let me know in the comments how your Oreo truffles turned out!

Sky jumper

Sky jumper trampoline  park is a cool place where most kids and teens go nowadays. It is filled with trampolines everywhere, which are of many colours and sizes. You jump and do stunts, though I don’t recommend doing stunts if you haven’t done it before. There is a awesome foam pit with a tarzan  rope. You hold it and swing till the end and then jump into the 7 feet pit. Its very soft but hard to get out as its too deep. 

Then there is a Dodgeball area where there are balls and you play a fun game of dodgeball. Its fun because you can jump around and dodge. There is also a Slam Dunk arena where you take a ball and Slam it in the Dunk. Its pretty much like basketball but you can jump higher. Then there is a place where professionals teach you how to do stunts. As you can see its a very cool place, with a lot of exciting stuff to do and its a ton of fun. So see you at Sky Jumper Trampoline Park!!


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